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Unleashing data from patient monitoring systems, Excel’s solutions integrate into the EMR with both the clinician efficiency and patient safety in mind. Excel is focused on redefining medical device integration, providing unparalleled access and delivery of intelligent device data and transformed, efficient workflows that ensure accuracy and safety.


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BedComm →

The BedComm platform integrates data from patient monitors, bedside medical devices and wireless devices into the hospital EMR. Automation of vital sign documentation creates safer, more efficient and accurate care environments while bringing improved financial results to the hospital’s bottom line.

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BedComm Mobile Vitals Capture →

Vitals capture from medical surgical patients is critical for clinical care in the hospital enterprise. Together, Excel’s BedComm Mobile Vitals Capture™ and CarePanel™ wireless solutions automate data from patient bedsides to the EMR using hospitals’ existing vital sign monitors.

bedside medical device integration excel-medical

BedMasterEx →

Excel BedMasterEx™ data acquisition liberates physiological waveform, vital signs and clinical alarm data from leading patient monitoring systems, including GE Healthcare’s Carescape and Philips Healthcare’s Intellivue platforms.

Alarm Navigator

Alarm Navigator

Alarm Navigator™ is a data acquisition software platform that captures alarm data from patient monitoring networks. It allows clinicians to dissect data by care area, alarm type, even shift and bed. Its web-based accessibility allows patient safety committees, nursing leadership and technology experts to establish alarm baselines, evaluate progress and modify alarm strategies and address Joint Commissions National Patient Safety Goal on Alarm Management.

IBM Data Baby

Streaming Analytics→

In partnership with IBM’s® TJ Watson Laboratories, Excel has developed Streaming Analytics™, a first-of-a-kind technology for analyzing volumes of unstructured streaming physiological data by integrating its BedMasterEx data acquisition platform with IBM’s InfoSphere™ Streams technology.

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