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Data Analytics

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From Big Data to Smart Data: Putting Big Data to Work for Medicine

With thousands of data points generated each second from each patient, there’s no lack of information available in hospitals. A key problem is to understand the difference between extraneous information and crucial data – and how to best leverage the latter. Excel Medical believes that a more proactive approach to big data can ultimately create safer systems, better outcomes for patients, help detect critical events and lower costs. Excel is actively developing technologies and forging partnerships with leading research institutions and clinicians to help move the industry from reactive care to predictive medicine.


Alarm Navigator Excel Medical

Clinical and Quality Analytics →

Excel’s Alarm Navigator™ solution helps hospitals understand their clinical alarm environments better.  It allows clinicians to dissect data by care area, alarm type, shift and bed so alarm and safety committees can institute change and address Joint Commissions National Patient Safety Goal on Alarm Management.

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Streaming Analytics →

Excel Medical, in partnership with IBM’s® TJ Watson Laboratories, has developed Streaming Analytics™, a first-of-a-kind technology for analyzing volumes of streaming physiological data by integrating its data acquisition platforms with IBM’s InfoSphere™ Streams technology.

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Predictive Analytics Research →

Collaborating with the world’s preeminent research organizations and academic institutions, Excel is developing a robust pipeline of predictive and intelligent analytics for clinical care. Much of the research and development focuses on multivariate, time series and physiological waveform analysis for all patient demographics.

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