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Excel Medical is an innovator in medical device data acquisition, storage, and clinical integration for hospital enterprises. We improve data, workflow, decision-making, and patient care across the hospital ecosystem. Our software technologies go to the heart of the things that matter most in today’s medical settings, and make them better. Better for clinicians, nurses, techs, administrators – and most importantly, better for patients. Our technologies are used by more then 80% of the top medical centers and children’s hospitals in the United States as well as leading healthcare facilities throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Our BedMasterEx™ platform integrates fully with Epic EMR. This provides clinicians unparalleled access and more useful, relevant insights into patient monitoring data, and with streaming and retrospective views of physiological waveforms and vitals. Read more about how our technology integrates with Epic EHR here….
Setting new levels for integrating cardiac monitoring reports and waveforms with Cerner, clinical workflow is simplified and physicians now have robust physiological data access. Read more about how our technologies integrate with Cerner here…
Excel Medical is redefining how hospitals and clinicians integrate, access, and document medical device data with MEDITECH’s EMR. Read more about how our technologies integrate with MEDITECH here…
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Automate vitals documentation on Medical Surgical units by wirelessly connecting vital sign monitors to the Allscripts EMR. Read more about how our technologies integrate with Allscripts here…

Other EMR vendors: Excel has extensive experience with an array of EMR companies. Contact us about specific EMR vendors.

Faster data access with Excel MedicalFaster Access to Data

While it often takes physicians up to two hours to gain access to a patient’s cardiac monitor data after an event has occurred, our technology provides clinical review and reporting within minutes, or even seconds, allowing access to this critical data from within the EMR. Data working when and where the doctor is working.

Bedside Device Integration Excel MedicalIntegration with Bedside Devices

When urgent events demand clinicians’ immediate attention, vital signs and other important information often don’t get logged into the EMR. Excel’s BedComm Mobile Vital Capture™ (MVC) technology automates the collection of vitals and other patient data at the point-of-care reducing data entry delays and ensuring accuracy. MVC delivers patients’ up-to-date vitals from within the EMR to clinicians, whenever and wherever they need it.

Designed for hospital IT Excel MedicalDesigned for Hospital IT

The BedComm™ MDI platform was designed to leverage a hospital’s investment in IT infrastructure through support of virtualization technologies. BedComm™ supports integration of networked devices, wireless devices and mobile devices using plug-and-play technology. The platform is bi-directional supporting ADT, positive patient ID and custom HL7 feeds to multiple systems simultaneously.

Data driven solutions Alarm Navigator Excel MedicalData Driven Solutions

Alarm fatigue happens in healthcare when the volume of beeps and sounds from medical devices are seemingly unending and overwhelming to both clinicians and patients. Excel’s Alarm Navigator™ software platform uniquely captures clinical alarms including corresponding waveforms so hospitals may analyze and differentiate false-positive from actionable alarms. A web-based, customized report tool, Alarm Navigator helps hospitals understand the alarm puzzle for patient safety and compliance with Joint Commissions National Patient Safety Goal on Alarm Management.

Some of Our Clients

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UCSF Health - Excel Medical
Emory Healthcare
 Hendrick Medical Center - Excel Medical
UCLA Health - Excel Medical
BJC Health St. Louis Children's Hospital - Excel Medical
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
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